Sami Zayn signs a contract extension with WWE

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Sami Zayn signs a contract extension with WWE

One of the characters who has grown the most in recent months in the WWE rings, seeing his character among the most interesting and hated by the WWE Universe in the sector of athletes of the Stamford federation, is undoubtedly Sami Zayn, a Canadian athlete currently in force at Friday Night Smackdown, who after having had a reign as Intercontinental champion, was also joined for some segments by Brock Lesnar and several other big names of the McMahon-owned company.

Although Zayn has never achieved a very important victory in the WWE rings, with the athlete who apart from the NXT title or some secondary title on the main roster has never won any world title, according to many insiders and according to many.

WWE Universe fans, he would still be one of the best speakers in the company's recent history. In his latest interview, Mark Henry, Hall of Famer of the Stamford company, also confirmed how according to him Sami could one day compete for the world title with the big names of the company, perhaps after a due and reasoned construction of his character.

Sami Zayn has signed a new three-year deal with WWE

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the possibility that Sami Zayn had gone to sign a new agreement with the McMahon family, with the contract that linked the Canadian with the number one company in the world of pro-wrestling, which had come close to his natural.

expiration. In the last few hours, the authoritative voice of the journalists of the well-known overseas site, Fightful, arrived to confirm the signature with the latest update arrived in the Fightful Select podcast which is the following: "Last month, it was reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there had been contacts between Sami Zayn and the WWE management regarding the new WWE signing between the two.

Fightful Select is now able to confirm that Zayn has officially signed a new deal with WWE and has therefore been blocked for several years. A person we spoke to about this at the time reported that Zayn had wanted to keep the negotiations private, but that WWE wanted to keep his services." In order to do that, Sami Zayn will have to surpass 29 other competitors, including actor Johnny Knoxville.

The two stars are currently involved in a little feud on SmackDown, which could lead to something interesting at the Rumble. Zayn even sent some harsh words to Knoxville on Twitter, stating that he's going to take the latter down.