How is Drew McIntyre's rehabilitation going?

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How is Drew McIntyre's rehabilitation going?

In recent weeks, WWE has been struggling with several problems on its rosters, with several athletes having to be absent due to some emergencies and some problems, including those who had to fight with a new injury, those who had to undergo surgery and those who, due to personal problems, had to abandon the on-screen projects prepared for him/her by the federation.

In all this, of course, there was also the hand of Covid-19, the disease of the century, which slowed down every single WWE project, changing the plans that Vince McMahon and associates had prepared for months for great athletes, like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, with the two most likely not being in the position they are at this time.

On Day One, in fact, Roman Reigns was absent due to his positivity, while instead, Seth Rollins would most likely have had to win the WWE Championship, to then present himself in the Wrestlemania ring as the absolute champion of the red show, while instead, he has now become the n°1 contender for the title of Reigns, the Universal Championship in Smackdown.

Another athlete from the upper parts of the WWE cards currently absent from the company's television screens, is instead Drew McIntyre, with the Scotsman who would be struggling with a not indifferent neck problem, which could leave him at home for a long time.

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known website PWInsider, it would seem that Drew McIntyre underwent the first analyzes and the first therapies to understand if his neck needs surgery or not.

Will Drew McIntyre be back in time for WrestleMania?

Apparently, for the moment this operation's said to have been shelved, with Drew McIntyre who still has to do a lot of therapy to be able to eliminate this problem at its root.

According to reporters from the well-known overseas site, McIntyre continues to be advertised for the return in the Friday Night Smackdown episode on March 25, in the episode that will air from Brooklyn, New York. By then, therefore, the wrestler should be totally back in strength, with his participation that will certainly miss the Royal Rumble, but with the athlete who will instead recover in time for Wrestlemania 38, the most anticipated event of this 2022, which has already begun.

a little bad for him and for several other athletes of the company. WWE can always pivot back to its original plan after Royal Rumble, which has two massive world title matches. Big E has been kept out of the title picture, and winning the Battle Royale would be ideal for his quest to become a world champion again.