Carmella tested positive

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Carmella tested positive

In recent weeks, WWE has had to manage a situation that is not easy at all, with several of its wrestlers who have become unavailable for having fallen ill with covid, the virus of the world pandemic, which after more than two years, still claims victims and blocks entire markets in the States.

United and in the world, with Italy which, just like America, is still under siege. Although several vaccines have come out that should have eradicated the disease in a short time, for the moment it seems that the infections are on the rise, with the WWE that in recent weeks has had a real internal epidemic, never had before, which has affected important characters such as Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns and several other wrestlers who didn't want to say anything out of privacy.

In the last few hours it has been announced by the same couple champion of the WWE main roster, that Carmella also tested positive a few days ago, with the partner of Corey Graves who is thought to be already the second positive in the space of a year.

In her latest interview on Bare With Us, in the company of her boyfriend Corey Graves, the tag-team champion of the main roster together with Queen Zelina, wanted to tell: "I got COVID. When did I find out? A week and a half ago? No, two weeks ago.

Yes, I woke up that I was super, but I didn't feel great, I was just very tired, so going to do the tests, I tested positive and then I mean, I was frozen. I was really stunned to find out. I hadn't been doing much for three or four days.

But, despite everything, now I feel better."

Carmella tested positive

Carmella's partner, on the other hand, confirmed that he had never become positive this time, having managed to stay away from his girlfriend, not like the last time, in which he was the one to infecting Mella, with the two who were absent for a few weeks from the WWE rings and TV screens, without letting anyone know anything.

In November, Carmella and Queen Zelina dethroned Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. to become the Women's Tag Team Champions. The teams were involved in an extended feud on RAW until Nikki A.S.H. recently turned on Ripley. Carmella and Queen Zelina bragged about their dominance and took credit for destroying the bond between the former tag team champions. The pair have no other title challengers on the main roster as of this writing.