WWE denies release to Mustafa Ali

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WWE denies release to Mustafa Ali

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the difficult situation of Mustafa Ali, the wrestler on the main roster who hasn't been seen on-screen for a few weeks, either to play a match or to stage a promo, with the ex-205 Live wrestler, who's said to have asked of his own free will to be released from the Stamford company, after having had an argument with the same Chairman of the federation: Vince McMahon.

After being treated as the last of the jobbers for months, with the character of Mustafa Ali who never had big plans in the WWE cards, not even when he was the leader of the Retribution, stable in which there were also four other components, Mustafa Ali posted a video on his social pages, in which he confirmed to his fans and insiders that he had requested his dismissal from the WWE, with the company which, however, has never officially expressed itself on the matter, for not so far.

Mustafa Ali has years left on his current WWE contract

With an update arrived in the last hours from the well-known podcast Fightful Select, of the homonymous site, we come to know that WWE has no intention (for the moment) to let go of its wrestler, with the journalists of the important American newspaper reporting indeed: "Some of Fightful Select have heard from official sources that WWE and Mustafa Ali have spoken to each other and Ali will not be guaranteed release for the time being, so for the moment, that is not in the plans.

Ali still has several years in his deal with WWE, but he hasn't been used on TV or even in the company's tapings for more than two months. While many suspected he was out of the picture for paternity leave, we were informed that Ali only asked to skip one show." Apparently, despite Mustafa Ali always being ready to take part in WWE events, the company's management would never have decent plans for him, with the professional as well as the psychological situation of the boy who is slowly self-destructing, as they have done in the past.

with other athletes, such as Andrade and Luke Harper, who have called for release just like Mustafa Ali. According to SRS, WWE sees "value" in Ali but wasn't given any specifics as to what that means. Ali hasn't appeared on WWE SmackDown in over two months now after having a heated backstage discussion with Vince McMahon over a disagreement regarding the direction of his character.