Triple H attempted a sensational move

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Triple H attempted a sensational move

Over the past couple of years, the Khan family's All Elite Wrestling has certainly been the pro-wrestling company in the United States that has grown more than any other rival company, with AEW hiring the likes of CM Punk, Sting, Andrade, Daniel Bryan, Adam Cole and many many others, almost all of whom came from the WWE rings, for requesting their release or for being sent away by the same company as the McMahons.

In a very short time, in fact, AEW went from being a small company that was just born, which was taking its first steps in the business of pro-wrestling, to being a real stone-crushing company, with WWE being several times was put to the test by the results obtained in the numbers of TV tapings by Rampage or Dynamite of AEW, not even talking about the tickets sold for fans who flocked to the arenas to see the live shows and to closely follow their favorites.

The present-day NXT is a shadow of what Triple H originally wanted the brand to be as he actively pursued the h*ttest indie talents over the years. The Game even attempted to sign members of the Elite way back before AEW was established.

Backstage news on Triple H

In his last speech on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the eponymous wrestler AEW, older brother of Jeff Hardy, also recently fired from WWE, wanted to tell how the COO of the Stamford company, Triple H, attempted to offer a lot of money to the entire Elite team and AEW's "Hangman" Adam Page, before such a reality was born.

In his speech, Matt said in fact: "So I'll make it quick, I've never talked to Adam Page, but I've talked a lot to the Young Bucks and they were in negotiations too. WWE tried to get all these guys, they wanted to get them all under contract.

But I know that Triple H, definitely wanted on all the guys: Omega, the Bucks and Hangman, so much so that the Triple tried in every way to take them with him and offered everyone, including the Hangman, a mountain of money.

Just think for a moment what the company would have looked like today if those guys had made it to WWE?" The recent trend has been about ex-WWE talent getting picked up by AEW. However, there could come a time when several AEW wrestlers will be out of their contracts and potentially on Triple H's radar. Could one of AEW's top guys make the switch in the future?