WWE has canceled plans for a major split on Raw

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WWE has canceled plans for a major split on Raw

The only father-son duo to have won tag team titles in WWE history is the duo formed by Rey and Dominik Mysterio, with the two fighters currently in action on the Monday Night Raw roster rings, no longer circulating in the titled tour that has counted for quite a few weeks.

In the last episodes of the red show, a very interesting hypothesis was also opened, which saw the two being able to split at any moment, with Dominik's legendary father, Rey, who told his son to spread his wings by himself.

, taking his own path and following his dreams, in a context in which one of the two could have become a heel, going to attack the blood of his own blood, with some sensational angle staged by the WWE. Apparently, however, in the last few days, news has emerged that sees Rey Mysterio on the cover of WWE 2K22, with the legendary Elf of San Diego who turns out to be the first WWE mid-carder to succeed in such a feat, not being a face.

prominent on any of its rosters.

Raw has now become the most criticized WWE show

Vince McMahon doesn't want current WWE Raw Superstar Finn Balor to go to AEW. The report comes after it was reported that The Chairman has given up on pushing Balor as a top star.

According to Ringside News, Mr. McMahon was never a fan of The Prince to begin with, even when they put the Universal Title on him. WWE is aware that "AEW would bend over backwards" for Finn Balor, believing Tony Khan would be willing to sign Balor once his deal is up.

After seeing Rey's appearance on the cover of the new WWE video game, the Wrestling Observer commented on the situation of the most loved lightweight of all time, with the usual Dave Meltzer who in fact reported in his latest Newsletter: "Rey Mysterio will be on the cover of the WWE 2K22 videogame, which will be released on March 11th.

From what I know, it is the first time that 2K has chosen to put a wrestler on the cover of a game, which the company pushes however as a lower mid-carder. Speaking also of the angle seen between Rey and Dominik, in which the two seemed to separate from the team they were since this news of the cover was known, they continued to work as a tag team and it seems that the management has trashed the idea of separate them, at least for now." Probably, the WWE had the idea of ​​turning heel Rey Mysterio, otherwise, this turnaround cannot be explained on the choice of having him split with his son Dominik, with the athlete who in the event that he had become "bad", would surely have lost the favor of the public. and therefore would not have increased sales of the Stamford video game.