MVP reveals his dreams for the future

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MVP reveals his dreams for the future

Appearing on "After The Bell" this week, MVP talked about Brock Lesnar ahead of his upcoming match against Bobby Lashley, scheduled for the Royal Rumble. Speaking on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, MVP confirmed he held talks with Belair about joining the faction.

However, WWE’s decision-makers had other ideas for the former SmackDown Women’s Champion.

MVP on his future

“Behind the scenes, I was actually talking to Bianca Belair a little bit about potentially adding her to an organization, a little faction that I used to be part of because there were lots of people talking about, ‘Hey, you need a woman in the group.’ And there were some discussions with Bianca Belair, but things went a different way,” MVP said.

On the scheduled match for the Royal Rumble: "Everyone knows that Brock Lesnar is not one to be fooled with, but when Bobby looks at Brock Lesnar, his mind works differently. There is no lack of hesitation or fear in Bobby Lashley.

I've known him for a long time. We have been together in different places and worked in different companies. I trained with him and I know how he thinks. I personally don't want to fight Brock Lesnar. If I had to, I would, but that's not something I'd like to do.

When you make a list of guys you would like to fight with, Brock Lesnar is usually the last one you would want to fight with, but not for Bobby. He always wants to fight with the strongest and the worst of all." About Brock Lesnar working part-time for WWE: "We know that Lesnar works part-time.

He doesn't fight in MMA anymore and everyone wants to talk about Brock being a UFC champion? I respect him for that, but what was his record in MMA? Would you compare his record in mixed martial arts to that of Bobby Lashley? Besides feeding his ego, why is he the WWE champion? I think Brock Lesnar is the baddest man in the federation behind Bobby.

He no longer has the spark he once had. He lives in a now continuous luxury. He has a private jet that takes him to the building on both the outward and return journeys. I think he's at such a level now that yes, he's dangerous to a lot of people, but Bobby Lashley has all the skills of Brock Lesnar.

The difference between them is that the Almighty has something to prove while he doesn't”. On Bobby Lashley: "Bobby is on the road every week and to the gym every day. I always discuss with him every day about taking a break.

He deserves it. I tell him several times: 'Friend, you need to recover some energy' 'but he always replies:' I recover my energy by continuing to fight."