*Spoiler* Three legends appeared on SmackDown

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*Spoiler* Three legends appeared on SmackDown

We are now one step away from WWE's first Big Four of the year, with the Stamford-based company organizing numerous surprises and numerous returns to the rings of the first big show of the year every year, with this year's royal fights to be more crowded than ever with WWE-related personalities, but who hadn't fought in the company's rings for months and years.

In fact, in recent weeks the WWE has already announced numerous names of athletes who will participate in their respective matches to 30 men and women, which no one expected, for the moment however focusing on the real brawl of women, with sensational names such as that of Lita, Summer Rae, the Bella Twins and Mickie James, who have already been officially confirmed days after their return to the WWE rings, eliminating any surprises from their on-screen return with the WWE.

With the announcement of the name of Mickie James, the WWE also opened the famous Forbidden Door which had not been open for years, with the company thus inviting a champion of another rival company and also announced it on its television screens, without omitting the thing.

Roman Reigns was in action after tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown went off the air, following his attack on Seth Rollins at the end of the show. The two rivals were on opposite sides of a dark six-man tag team match.

Big surprises on SmackDown

The main event of SmackDown saw Rollins' team with Kevin Owens to defeat The Usos by disqualification due to The Tribal Chief hitting a Superman Punch on his former Shield brother.

Approaching the Royal Rumble, WWE wanted to begin to make several well-known personalities of its history feel at home, with numerous appearances that have therefore been advertised and with others that instead come by surprise, in the WWE taings that bring us closer.

at the Big Four on January 29th. Tonight, during the final episode of the company's Friday night blue show, three well-known faces from the company's past appeared, with Summer Rae, Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett appearing in three different segments, making it go into fans of the WWE Universe are delighted.

Summer Rae appeared in the audience during the match between Natalya and Aliyah, with the former WWE wrestler being introduced by a shot as a WWE legend, with the athlete's gaze dwelling on that. by Natalya, as a sign of challenge, since she too will be present in the Royal Rumble match to 30 women.

Eric Bischoff instead took part in a backstage segment, in which the former executive director of WCW complimented Adam Pearce on his firm fist in managing all the backstage problems, especially those between Sonya Deville and Naomi.

While finally Jeff Jarrett appeared in a fast backstage segment alongside Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura.