Ric Flair pays tribute to Chris Jericho

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Ric Flair pays tribute to Chris Jericho

In this week's "WOOOO Nation Uncensored", Ric Flair talked about several athletes, including The Miz/Chris Jericho and a possible match between his daughter Charlotte Flair and Tessa Blanchard. On The Miz, Ric Flair revealed: “I personally consider him a great athlete.

What makes him good is the fact that he has never stopped improving. He is not a super athlete with important background. He's just a guy who wanted to be a wrestler and he made it. They give him the script and he rehearses it from 2 pm until he goes on the air.

He walks around and I see him in the corridor where he talks to himself. Then he goes to his producer and says, 'Can I change this into this?' He is a perfectionist and a hard worker. That's why he's really good."

Ric Flair praises Chris Jericho

On seeing The Miz face or heel: “He's just a very good heel.

I think he plays the character best because he's not an arrogant guy in real life but by now he's found a way to learn from that and bring out that personality. I am proud of him and, once again, I can only say positive things about Miz." On a possible match between Charlotte Flair and Tessa Blanchard instead: “I don't think from what I've heard that something like this will ever happen.

I don't know the details but I don't think Tessa will go to WWE and Charlotte will definitely not leave Vince's federation "On CM Punk instead:" If I watch that match of him against Wardlow I see two good athletes, who then use a roll-up to finish.

the meeting and it absolutely kills me. Punk is too generous in AEW, which doesn't make him a bad boy and if he participates in such challenges, he can't do that. He must be respected and be tougher”. On Chris Jericho instead: "He is a great athlete who, however, is not one of the greatest.

I have nothing against him, but he's not on the level of folks like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Ricky Steamboat. I'm not either. Jericho doesn't know how to punch or kick properly. And it is a very important thing. He knows how to do many things in the ring, but he sins in the fundamentals”.

Ric Flair was the first person to join the Hall of Fame twice, once individually (2008) and once as a Four Horsemen member (2012). Seven other legends have received two Hall of Fame inductions: Booker T, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, and Shawn Michaels.