Johnny Gargano is giving valuable advice to young stars

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Johnny Gargano is giving valuable advice to young stars

Among the many things that a superstar like Johnny Gargano in the world of wrestling can do, beyond pursuing his career in the ring, there is certainly teaching other colleagues some tricks to improve themselves. It certainly cannot be denied that Gargano has always been a very interesting character who has been able to characterize a brand like that of NXT until the last day he entered the WWE ring before deciding not to renew the contract.

Britt Baker, the current women's champion of All Elite Wrestling, is still growing in the ring, but as a character, she has managed to earn the love and respect of the fans in a very short time, who manage to support her despite being a heel and herself.

he learned a few tricks from Gargano himself.

Johnny Gargano's precious help

Mick Foley has commented on Johnny Gargano's decision to leave WWE by saying that he understands it. The WWE Hall of Famer has been outspoken about WWE's pattern of releasing talented performers, and he has also criticized the company's creative process.

Speaking to Robbie Fox about his My Mom's Basement, Dr. Baker was reflecting on her training with Johnny Gargano, saying he was able to make her more interesting in terms of panache in the ring and added that it was great to work with him and his wife Candice LeRae.

“Both he and Candice were fantastic. He is so innovative. He was like that for me. I loved his training of him because he would have taken the simpler concept like chain wrestling [series of maneuvers applied between the two opponents quickly ed], managing to make it flashy and cool.

He's known for doing it, of course, but he made it all so easy for us, like something someone who is just starting out in their wrestling journey could do - we all sucked, we weren't good yet. We were all still apprentices and having that makes you happy to go to training because 'I'm just going to learn something cool today that I can use in a match.

People will think I'm flashy, 'which is why I used to go to Cleveland at the time. I had learned the basics. I learned the fundamentals like a headlock, chin lock, drop down, I knew all this. But I didn't know how to put a little sparkle on the matches and that's where he helped me." Per reports about the situation, Johnny Gargano's exit from WWE has been called "extremely amicable," and the door for working together in the future has been left open.