Is Stone Cold Steve Austin preparing to return to WWE?

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Is Stone Cold Steve Austin preparing to return to WWE?
Is Stone Cold Steve Austin preparing to return to WWE?

The WWE has now almost entered the heart of its Road to Wrestlemania, a particular time of the year in which the Stamford-based federation prepares all its plans for the most anticipated event of the year, as regards the entire world of pro wrestling, with the creation of Vince McMahon Jr, which has become world famous and moves thousands and thousands of fans from all over the world to the United States every year.

This year, the WWE-designated Showcase of the Immortals venue was in Dallas, or in the state of Texas, one of the most famous in all of the USA, with such a state that it is the homeland of many athletes and former athletes of the company, such as The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Terry Funk or Dusty Rhodes.

Surely, one of the best known among these is the Texas Rattlesnake, the company's Hall of Famer, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, with the athlete who, despite having retired several years ago, occasionally returns to the rings of the federation of McMahon to distribute his Stone Cold Stunner left and right.

New details on Stone Cold Steve Austin

Apparently, in the last few weeks the news would have spread online that Stone Cold Steve Austin could be the special guest or even the official presenter of the next edition of the Grandaddy of Them All, with the very well-known character in Texas, who would thus be the right person to right time to advertise the show of the shows.

In one of his latest newsletters, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has in fact hypothesized: "He will probably be the guest host. So we'll probably see him in a show or two before we get to the big event, yeah. Austin will probably help all the construction in those weeks." According to the well-known Observer reporter, then, WWE could call its Hall of Famer a little in advance, asking him for his services to best build the event of the year.

of the WWE, with Austin who in addition to being a well-known face in Texas, is also a great entertainer, since the time of the birth of his character in front of the cameras of the company of the McMahon family. Before the days of The Ringmaster and 'Stunning' Steve Austin (you can read more about some of Austin's interesting suggested WWE ring names here), the former WWE Champion was raised in Edna, Texas after being born in the city of Austin, Texas.

He lived with his mother in Edna, post his parent's divorce. Of course, Stone Cold Steve Austin became known as the Texas Rattlesnake during his WWE tenure. It was a toast to his Texan roots and was billed from Victoria, Texas, which is the largest city close to Edna.

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