Paige is applying for a role in WWE

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Paige is applying for a role in WWE

In recent years, WWE has wanted to eliminate the role of General Managers of the various on-screen rosters, after decades in which the most disparate characters raged on the televisions of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, from Kurt Angle to Paul Heyman, passing through Stephanie McMahon and Eric Bischoff.

In fact, in recent times, WWE has literally avoided putting even a fictitious executive at the center of attention, who would go and fix things in the ring, deciding matches and title disputes, as done in the past. However, after introducing two official on-screen, named Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville, with the athlete who, since she returned from her break of several months from in-ring competitions, has not yet seriously put her foot in the ring as an athlete, the WWE has found great success for these characters, with the girl who has also set up a feud with Naomi, in that of Smackdown, helped by the other official, Adam Pearce.

Paige is still under a WWE contract, but it's been almost four years since she last wrestled. In that time, she has had a small on-screen role and has been sparsely utilized. It's surprising to think that Paige's main roster run as an in-ring performer lasted only three-and-a-half years, and that's not including the time she spent recovering from injury.

Paige is still under a WWE contract

After seeing the rise of these important characters as regards the WWE storylines, the former athlete Paige, who for a few months held the position of manager of some athletes and then also of General Manager of an entire show of the company, wanted to whet the desire of the fans and the management of the WWE to ensure that she is recalled with the old role she had in front of the company's cameras.

In fact, with several tweets, Paige first self-nominated to be General Manager and then she also complimented herself for being (in her opinion), even the best of her kind since that role. But let's see the messages that hide very little of her desire to return to work on-screen with WWE: "Hey WWE, Vince McMahon, since you brought back the GMs a while ago...

I was the best GM." Apparently, the WWE Englishwoman is still under contract with the Stamford-based federation, but having suffered a nasty, serious neck injury, the federation's medical staff forced her to retire, with several "miraculous" cases of recent years, which however do not exclude her possible future return to the McMahon square, with fans who would immediately rejoice in seeing her again in the ring.