The Usos have created a new record

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The Usos have created a new record
The Usos have created a new record

One of the most victorious and most engaging couples of the last years of WWE is certainly the one formed by the twin brothers Jey and Jimmy Uso, sons of Rikishi, WWE Hall of Famer and younger cousins of the Universal Champion of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns.

Since their debut in the rings of the McMahon company, the two have always worked in pairs, on the babyface side of the main roster, and on the heel side, as now. For a few months now, the two have also welcomed their younger brother in the federation rings, with Solo Sikoa, who despite not having the same in-ring surname as his twin brothers, is still a son of the Samoan Hall of Famer.

of the company. In recent years, The Usos have also written their name on the Stamford-based company's gold rolls, with numerous titled victories ensuring their name is written in the history of the McMhaon family federation, permanently.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos have created a new record in WWE this past week. Jimmy and Jey have been prominent features of the blue brand.

The Usos broke their own record

The duo became part of the Bloodline with Roman Reigns, and there has been no looking back for them since.

What's better than breaking a length record for a title reign in WWE? Surely the fact of breaking a titled record that previously belonged to you! This is exactly what happened to The Usos, with their new reign still going on in the rings of the company's blue show, which broke the previous record set by the same team.

If before the record for the longest reign with the Smackdown Tag Team Titles at the sides was 182 days, now (to date), the Usos have breached the 189th day of reign, with the champions of the blue show who have therefore repeated their same record, surpassing it.

We remember how their victory had come to Money in the Bank in 2021, when the Usos had beaten the couple formed by father and son, Dominik and Rey Mysterio. Since then the Usos have never lost their belts, a bit like their eldest cousin, who, however, reached 510 days as a champion, surpassing all previous reign records too.

What can I say, a literally record-breaking family, the Samoan one! Rollins then challenged to take on The Usos in tag team action with a mystery partner. The mystery partner was Kevin Owens. The match stipulation was that if the Bloodline lost, Jimmy and Jey would be barred from ringside.

Reigns also added the caveat that if Rollins lost, he would forfeit the Rumble match, and the Tribal Chief would take a vacation till WrestleMania.

The Usos

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