Smackdown: Roman Reigns celebrates a new record

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Smackdown: Roman Reigns celebrates a new record

Hello and welcome to the Friday Night SmackDown report. This Friday, there will be yet another confrontation between Roman Reigns and the first challenger Seth Rollins, while Naomi has annoyed the upper floors of her and now she will have to deal with the champion Charlotte Flair.

In the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville everything is ready, on the keyboard your SimoneSian, we can begin. - The episode opens with the entry of the Usos! The two say they are here to celebrate Roman Reigns, who is officially the longest-running Universal Champion ever.

Reigns reaches the ring, but is immediately interrupted by the intervention of Seth Rollins. The now ex-Messiah replies that the only thing to celebrate should be the fact that Roman's reign is coming to an end and that the Usos are doing what he and Mox did in the Shield in the past, so they deserve it.

dedicated celebrations. The Tribal Chief replies that Seth keeps coming and saying the same things, by chance John Cena writes his promos? I admit that this answer made me laugh more than I should.

The Usos introduced Roman Reigns

The Usos kicked off WWE SmackDown and introduced Roman Reigns on his 508th night as Universal Champion.

The Tribal Chief came down to the ring and ordered Nashville to acknowledge him before kicking off his celebration. A video package put over Reigns' accomplishments as the Universal Champion before he delivered a short promo.

However, Seth Rollins soon came down to rain on his parade. The Universal Champion adds that at Royal Rumble there will be no interference and Seth proposes a Tag Team match between The Usos and him with a mysterious partner, but with something up for grabs: if the Usos lose, they will be banned from ringside at the PPV.

The Usos accept and ... KEVIN OWENS ARRIVES! Reigns adds that he too wants something in return and therefore if the Usos win, the Freakin will have to give up the match for the title. What? Seth accepts and tonight there will be practically one of the main matches of the next PPV up for grabs.

- Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss reach the square making less and less funny jokes about Sir Kofi Kingston and the King Woods injury, convinced that the former will not be able to do much alone, but ... HERE IS KOFI! FOLLOWED BY BIG E! We are ready for the 150th New Day reunion.