Smackdown: Aliyah was saved from a bad situation

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Smackdown: Aliyah was saved from a bad situation
Smackdown: Aliyah was saved from a bad situation

Kofi Kingston vs Madcap Moss. Are you expecting something surprising in this match? Obviously not. A few attempts by Corbin immediately stopped by Big E and Kofi's final victory with his Trouble In Paradise. After the match Big E challenges the former King to join him on the square and, when he refuses this, he knocks out Moss with his Big Ending.

It was needed? Maybe yes, because he makes too annoying jokes. - Natalya vs Alyiah. In the audience, Summer Rae, a participant in the next women's Rumble, is framed and presented, while in the ring Aliyah tries to win with a quick RollUp, but this time Nattie reacts.

Aliyah defeated Natalya in a record time on WWE SmackDown last week. The Queen of Harts battled the NXT export to exact revenge on this week’s show.

Xia Li helped Aliyah

Natalya dominated the fight and punished her opponent early.

She ignored the referee’s count and got disqualified from the contest. After the match, she continued to punish Aliyah and stomped away at her. In the final Alyiah frees herself from a Torture Rack and attempts the RollUp, but Natalya gets rid of her, throws her against the ropes and starts pounding her on the stake ...

1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 .. . 5 |! DISQUALIFICATION! However, the Canadian doesn't seem very interested and she continues the beating. TAKES PART XIA LI! Nattie takes a kick and thinks it well to retire, so the segment ends with Xia picking up Alyiah, while her rival leaves.

During a backstage interview following her win, Aliyah looked delighted at her incredible achievement. The future is looking bright for Aliyah. However, this looks like a step back for Natalya, considering all her achievements in 2021.

In late 2021, Natalya became a record-breaker. She etched her name thrice in the Guinness World Records. On this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, Natalya became a part of another new WWE record (a rather unwanted one for her).

Natalya is a very experienced wrestler. She is indeed a WWE veteran, and over the years, she has entertained the fans through various memorable moments. But 2021 will be a bit more special for Natalya and all her fans. In 2021, Natalya recorded her name in the Guinness World Records thrice.

Natalya is also a former WWE Divas Champion and a former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion. Back in 2021, she also held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship along with Tamina.

Smackdown Natalya

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