Smackdown: Big E came out to support his teammate

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Smackdown: Big E came out to support his teammate

The Viking Raiders vs Los Lotharios. The Vikings are bigger, more powerful and, above all, they are the first contenders to the couple titles. They practically dominate the entire match and conclude with the Viking Experience on poor Humberto.

- Charlotte Flair vs Naomi. The match is about to start, but Sonya Deville joins the two in the ring and lets the referee pass her shirt, thus becoming the special referee. In the finale, Flair closes a Boston Crab, but Naomi kicks her off, causing the champion to finish right against her at the referee in a way that reminds us how predetermined wrestling is.

Sonya had been there waiting for two hours and Flair practically punches her obviously on purpose, but let's pretend nothing happened. Kofi Kingston picked up a surprise loss to Madcap Moss last week. Former WWE Champion Big E came out to support his New Day teammate at ringside for the contest.

Kingston outsmarted Moss early on and did not let him use his strength. The latter fought back and delivered a spine buster to flatten Sir Kofi. The former WWE Champion finally hit Trouble in Paradise to pick up the win on WWE SmackDown.

Big E came out to support his New Day teammate

After the match, Big E delivered a Big Ending to Moss. REAR VIEW OF NAOMI! The Deville, however, obviously does not count, even if she would reach a minimum of 5. Does it take so little to beat Charlotte? Naomi protests, gets distracted and ...

FIGURE-8 LEGLOCK! Sonya calls the end of the match even if her rival has not given up, but I think that to come out '' defeated '' from this moment is only the champion of SmackDown. - Backstage Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins are at Kayla Braxton's microphone!

KO says that without the Usos he would be the longest-lived champion ever and he doesn't want the same to happen to Rollins, while The Architect adds, "Death, taxes, Rollins beats Reigns", i.e., the only three safe things in life named the last week.

When people refer to Ewen by his ring name, Big E Langston, it makes him feel powerful. You may be wondering what the E in his name, Big E, represents. Eventually, he shortened his true name, ‘Ettore Ewens,’ to Big E.

Because he is such a big guy, he is appropriately referred to as Big E. In 2009, Ewens signed with WWE. He developed his wrestling talents as time went on. He improved to the point where he won the FCW tag team championship for the first time (now NXT).