Smackdown: Sheamus got a huge victory

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Smackdown: Sheamus got a huge victory

In-Zayn! Sami says he can do everything the Jackass did and tries to give himself a shock, in pain, but not overdoing it. JOHNNY KNOXVILLE IS COMING! I capitalize it out of habit, not because it's great news. The Jackass member says Zayn complains that he ridicules wrestling, but the Canadian is doing the same with his job.

Sheamus faced Ricochet in yet another rematch on SmackDown. He has been successful so far, and their feud was solely based around the botch at Day 1 where Ricochet accidentally stomped Ridge Holland's face, busting him up in the process.

Sheamus faced Ricochet

Shinsuke Nakamura's reign has been underwhelming again, which is no fault of his own. Nakamura and Rick Boogs had a backstage interaction with Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett - perhaps the most unimportant part of the show.

At this point, giving Sheamus an Intercontinental title run does no harm. That said, Knoxville checks the gun and realizes it was off, so he lights it up and gives the real shock to Sami, who falls in pain. Johnny knocks out the conspiracy theorist making him fall over the third rope and, once again, he goes away satisfied.

Back in June, the United States Champion broke his nose when he was hit by a stiff forearm strike from Humberto Carrillo during a match between the two. Soon after that, there were talks of him vacating his title. But he was reluctant to relinquish the United States Championship.

This tells us about how much of a fighter Sheamus is. After undergoing nose surgery, he made a return to the surprise of everyone by wearing a mask on his face. The United States Champion took on Jeff Hardy in a non-title match at WWE Raw with Damian Priest at commentary.

But if Hardy managed to win, he’d be added to the Extreme Rules match for the United States Championship. It was a very intense match as the two superstars went back and forth. The face mask was immediately recognized by WWE fans as it was once sported by Cody Rhodes during his time in the company.

Back when he was the ‘“Dashing” Cody Rhodes, the star wore the face mask as an effort to prevent any damage to his face and looks, as was his gimmick. Now in AEW, that gimmick is far behind him as he has taken part in some brutal affairs, without the face mask. Sheamus, on the other hand, is sporting the new look as he looks to defend his title.