Smackdown: Sonya Deville's fate is very uncertain


Smackdown: Sonya Deville's fate is very uncertain

In the WWE Officers office, we find Eric Bischoff and Adam Pearce, joined shortly after by Sonya Deville. Pearce berates Sonya and says that what happened tonight will never have to happen again, so next week they will have to have a real match.

Ah, so you can't steal the shirts from the referees to pretend to be one of them? I had no idea. Deville accepts without problems, also because no one has specified who the match will be between, and she leaves, while Bischoff compliments Adam.

- Sheamus vs Ricochet. We are pleased to discover that Ridge Holland is back at ringside, so the injury didn't stop the British athlete for long, but for today it's completely useless. Sheamus totally dominates the match and, quelled the only slight reaction of the former Prince Puma, he goes on to win with his Brogue Kick.

Are you getting infuriated every week on SmackDown with how Sonya Deville treats Naomi? If the answer is yes, then the storyline is working. Unfortunately, it seems to be one-sided for the most part, and we can only hope that the ultimate pay-off is Naomi destroying Deville and removing her from her seat of power.

Sonya Deville was the special guest referee

This week, she had a chance to secure a title shot against SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair as she faced her in a non-title match. However, Sonya Deville was the "unexpected" special guest referee, and she called for the bell without Naomi even tapping out.

Backstage Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs meet Jeff Jarrett! As much as I like the guitarist's gimmick in wrestling (by the way, what happened to Elias?), Boogs and Jarret show up chanting their names, while Nakamura makes weird faces.

Stop. What an exciting segment. In the recent beach post, Deville emphasized how she aims to build her own legacy. She does not want to play by others’ standards. The former MMA fighter said, “….money and fame is smoke and mirrors but I’m not lookin' in the rear view mirror.

Whether I’m sittin there or up here everyone looks the same, but that doesn’t mean I have to play the same game”. After her debut in WWE, Sonya Deville competed mostly in a tag team. She was a competitor in WWE Tough Enough.

She then competed in NXT for two years. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, alongside Paige, formed a trio called “Absolution”. Rose and Deville then went on to form “Fire and Desire”.

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