Smackdown: Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins put on a show

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Smackdown: Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins put on a show

MAIN EVENT: The Usos vs Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens. A good match, between four excellent fighters and one that will certainly have important consequences. In the end, the usual confusion. STUNNER ON JEY! JIMMY'S SUPERKICK ON OWENS!

Rollins nudges Jimmy and so he prepares the remembrance ... CURB STOMP! SUPERMAN PUNCH FROM NOTHING ON ROLLINS! Roman Reigns arrives and knocks out his first challenger, thus giving him the victory. The Usos will not be at ringside in the titled match of the next PPV, but the latest images of this episode still show an exultant Reigns.

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins took on The Usos

After a great opening segment on WWE SmackDown, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins took on The Usos in the night's main event. The high-stakes match saw both teams fight for to gain an advantage for the upcoming Royal Rumble match.

The Tribal Chief glared at Rollins as the show went off-air. The result means that The Usos will be banned from ringside for the Universal Championship match at Royal Rumble. WWE did well to protect both teams in the finish. The Usos nearly failed Reigns, but it looks like The Tribal Chief may have written the final chapter of his title reign on his own.

Not having Jimmy and Jey by his side could be the beginning of the end for Roman Reigns' supremacy. If you didn’t know, Mount Rushmore was the name of the stable Kevin was in with AEW superstars, Adam Cole and The Young Bucks.

He left the stable after signing with WWE in 2014. Adding fuel to the fire, Owens’ also changed his Twitter location to ‘Almost there’ a few months ago, referring to his contract. Despite Owens being in the title scene for Day 1 right now, Dave Meltzer reported that he’d been added for the sole purpose of taking the pin.

This is so that neither Seth nor Big-E look weak. The report doesn’t seem like a stretch and makes sense, considering Owens is unofficially AEW bound. A few weeks ago, Kenny Omega posted a video of him fighting Kevin during their Indie days.

This is the third time the former AEW World Champion has done this. In reality, he lost his Universal Title to Goldberg in just 22 seconds. As the match began, then-United States Champion and Owens’ former ally, Chris Jericho’s music played, and he appeared on stage, distracting Owens. Goldberg took advantage and executed a spear and a “Jackhammer” on Owens to win the title.