Britt Baker Speaks About Kissing Adam Cole on AEW

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Britt Baker Speaks About Kissing Adam Cole on AEW
Britt Baker Speaks About Kissing Adam Cole on AEW

Britt Baker is considered one of AEW’s most popular wrestlers, and she recently spoke about kissing her real life boyfriend, Adam Cole, on AEW Dynamite. Last week on Dynamite, Britt Baker and Adam Cole shared a ring for the first time.

They also kissed on-screen. It was later revealed that they actually wanted to be in the ring together for a very long time. However, they were just waiting for the right time. They went for it after Matt Jackson suggested it.

Britt Baker Talks About Working with Adam Cole on AEW TV

“We both wanted to do it, but we also like, didn’t want to jump the gun,” Baker said. “It had to make sense, it had to be the right time, right place, right people, right story.

This was just perfect. That was Matt Jackson’s idea, actually. The Bucks are absolutely hilarious, hysterical people. I’m very partial to Adam Cutler and, you know, Brandon Cutler”. Britt actually started learning wrestling under NXT star Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae.

Britt praised the two wrestlers and also spoke about the recent rumors that they might work for AEW one day. “It was so cool,” Baker said. “He’s just so innovative. I loved training because he would take the most basic, simple concept of chain wrestling, but make it flashy and cool.

It’s what he’s famous for. But it was, he made it so easy for us. Anybody that was early on in wrestling, all of us sucked, we weren’t good yet. We were all trainees. “But to have that, you get so excited going to training because you just know ‘I’m going to learn something cool today that I’m going to be able to put in a match.

People are going to think I’m flashy.’ And that’s why I was going to Cleveland at the time. I had learned the basics, I had learned the fundamentals, the headlock, the chin lock, the drop-down, I knew all that.

I didn’t know putting a little spaz, a little pizazz on matches. And that’s what he helped me with”. Britt Baker currently holds the AEW Women’s World Title. Although she is working as a heel these days, she is still extremely popular and regularly gets cheered. She is also one of AEW’s most talented wrestlers in the ring.

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