Killer Kross on WWE Being a Learning Experience

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Killer Kross on WWE Being a Learning Experience

Killer Kross is a former WWE Wrestler and he spoke about WWE being a learning experience for him. Many people believed that Kross would be pushed quite well by the WWE when he joined the company, mainly because he was a very popular wrestler even before he joined WWE.

However, he didn’t do very well in AEW. He did win the NXT title a total of two times, he was released by the company in November.

Killer Kross On WWE Being a Learning Experience

“I learned so much in my entire experience with that company, with NXT and the main roster,” Kross told the Wrassle Rap podcast.

“I feel like a more complete version of myself actually going through that entire experience. There were different challenges on the main roster than there were in NXT. “One of them, and this might not translate to a lot of people but this is like, just having your times changed when you’re out there.

And that happened pretty frequently. Having the confidence to go out there and perform live while the entire world is watching, and change things on the fly when somebody else’s life is completely in your hands. There’s just a lot going on”.

Killer Kross also expressed his displeasure with how WWE handled his character. When he made his main roster debut, he was forced to also change his in-ring attire. He also admits that fans probably knew that he wasn’t being treated well in the WWE and that he wasn’t doing his own thing on the main roster.

“I knew that people were going to understand, this is not a misstep of my accord,” Kross explained. “I didn’t really inherit the situation as, say, I walked out on the indies as Psycho Doink the Clown.

Like, imagine Sid Vicious with the Doink Mask on and just walking out and people are going, ‘What’s going on here?’ You know what I mean? Like, you’re on the independents so you can’t be like, ‘You know, somebody told me to do it.’ It was your idea, and with this particular situation wasn’t and I knew that was going to be very transparent”.

Since leaving the WWE, Killer Kross stated that he will actually be doing things that he wants and handle his character the way that he wants.