WWE changes date for Money in the Bank

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WWE changes date for Money in the Bank

One of the most important ppv that WWE currently has within its annual calendar, is certainly Money in the Bank, although it is not one of the four immovable Big Four of the WWE, namely: Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series.

Although the four Big Four events have been staged for decades with the Stamford-based federation, the Money in the Bank, which takes its name from the homonymous match with the company stairs, attracts millions and millions of spectators from all over the world every year, also because this ppv entitles a man and a woman to have a title shot for a world title at any time they want, making them two loose mines ready to become world champions in every second in the company's rings, as happened this year for Big E and Nikki ASH, with the two both successfully becoming champions.

The success rate for the owners of the briefcase on the WWE rings is in fact very high, with the predecessors of the last winners who, apart from in very few cases, have always won the title, having the surprise effect on their side.

This year, it looked like ppv could air on Saturday, like many other WWE's last year ppvs, but apparently there would be some latest updates on that, with WWE and several industry sites having done so the point.

Latest update on WWE Money in the Bank

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the pages of the well-known site Fightful, initially the WWE had to stage its Money in the Bank on July 2, 2022, with this date that, however, was going to clash with another huge event staged just by Las Vegas, but from the UFC.

Apparently, now the industry site's to come to grips with it, with WWE instead staging its PPV on July 3, in an arena different from the one initially imagined (the T Mobile Arena) and with the UFC which instead will take another place and another date to broadcast the event.

But let's see what Sean Ross Sapp of the Fightful site said about it: "I was told that unlike the conflicts that were envisioned for WWE, the event will air on Sunday, July 3 at Allegiant Stadium. With Independence Day on Monday, it looks like everything will be dispelled with certainty when WWE goes on sale and there will be a huge weekend in Las Vegas."

In two days, in the same city, there will therefore be two PPVs, one from the WWE and one from the UFC together, with fans from the USA and especially those from Nevada who will certainly be happy with this.