Erick Rowan recalls his controversial gimmick

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Erick Rowan recalls his controversial gimmick

Among the numerous characters who have alternated on the WWE rings in recent years, there have been several who have held different gimmicks, mainly because the first ones no longer worked and also and above all because the creative sector of the backstage of the company was no longer able to have original ideas for them.

Among the many athletes we have seen with even radical gimmick changes, we find the late Luke Harper, a former WWE athlete who died after passing into the AEW rings due to a complex and rare pulmonary disease and his teammate, Erick Rowan.

The two were initially associated with the WWE Wyatt Family, but when the stable broke up, the two continued to work together, also building a fairly solid team, named Bludgeon Brothers, with which the two also arrived at the company's tag team world titles.

After leaving the company of the McMahons, Harper because of his express request and Rowan for being fired, the two tried their luck in other companies.

Backstage news on Erick Rowan

In his latest interview with Sports Illustrated, Erick Rowan wanted to reveal to his fans why we have never seen him as a Viking in WWE.

Interviewed by Justin Barrasso, Erick Rowan said: "I was doing all these different gimmicks and I tried the Viking one too. I was told that I would never make a buck on that, which is a pretty funny thing when you think that just three or four years later the Viking Raiders came out and they were great.

So I tried all these different things and started doing all those promos with Windham and Jon." Regarding the possibility of putting on a mask with the Wyatt Family, Erick further said: "At first, Dusty Rhodes didn't want me to cover my face.

He told me I was pretty ugly even without a mask (laughter), which meant he had a unique face." Redbeard noted that he was in a similar position nearly a year ago. The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion was released from his WWE contract in April 2020.

Redbeard explained how big-money deals jeopardized a talent's job and how there is no such thing as guaranteed money in wrestling. However, the former Wyatt family member added that he hopes Strowman bounces back strongly and continues with his career.