Sheamus reveals his next big goal

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Sheamus reveals his next big goal

There have been several records in WWE history that have been severely tested by different athletes over the years, including those who have carried on a reign for over 500 days and who have instead won every single match of their career at Wrestlemania for, well, 21 years, then going to lose in the 22nd year.

There are also categories in which you enter, only when a wrestler wins certain titles, such as the title of Grand Slam Champion, which an athlete of the WWE receives when he manages to win four titles in different categories in his career: that is a world title, a tag-team title and two secondary titles.

There have even been those who have achieved this feat twice, with The Miz who managed with his last title victory of the WWE Championship, to become a two-time WWE Grand Slam Champion. WWE Superstar Sheamus wants to face Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship.

In his latest interview with WWE The Bump, the former US ring champion of Monday Night Raw confirmed that he even wants to become WWE Ultimate Grand Slam Champion, that is, the one who has won every single title he could aspire to in history current of the federation, with Edge, a wrestler still in action in Raw's own ring, who apparently is the only one to have obtained this recognition.

What's next for Sheamus?

In his speech, Sheamus said: "I still need only one title to become the first Ultimate Grand Slam Champion ever. I know what many of you are thinking. You are thinking 'Edge has already done it.

Edge won it all 'But the truth is, he's just a ***. Because Edge won the United States Championship when he was with the WCW. So he is automatically disqualified. So I'm very close to doing something fantastic. Shinsuke Nakamura will continue to hide behind Rick Boogs, will continue to do so, with that dude having the strength of a broken hand, making himself defend or taking on an opponent like Sami Zayn, who to be honest seems to have not shaved in at least 10 years.

I do not care. I just want my opportunity at the Intercontinental title. I said it when I was at Smackdown and then I was drafted on Raw and the title remained at Smackdown instead. A year has passed, I have become the US Champion.

It was great. It was wonderful. I've had great matches after great matches and now I'm back to Smackdown. This was the thing I was aiming for when the Draft was staged. I was looking at where the Intercontinental Title could go. Once I stayed there, my eyes stayed on that Smackdown title."