Doudrop has very high ambitions

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Doudrop has very high ambitions

On January 29, 2022, the WWE premium live event will be held, one of the Big Four, or the Royal Rumble and among the protagonists of the matches that do not give the event its name, there are also the current Raw champion, Becky Lynch, and his challenger, Doudrop.

Doudrop earned this opportunity by defeating two former opponents of Becky, Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair, in a three-way match, on the January 10 episode of Raw. In this regard, the Scotswoman wanted to tell some background about this match, saying that it is something that has now been under construction for 15 years since she and the Irishman already knew each other before joining WWE.

Doudrop is one of the rising stars

Interviewed by talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy, Doudrop talked about his early days in the wrestling industry and how he waited 15 years to have a match with Big Time Becks. "I don't know if people know, but I've been waiting for this match for 15 years.

A long time ago when I started training in a small warehouse in Linwood, Scotland, there weren't many experienced girls in the wrestling scene in the Kingdom. United There was me, Nikki Storm - who had just started - in England we had Mischief and Erin Angel and then in Ireland, we had Miss Rebecca Knox [former ring name of Becky Lynch ed].

We were very aware of Becky at the time. Even then she was at the top of her abilities of hers. She was the girl our coaches were trying to bring in and make her do some matches with us to learn from her, get some experience.

But sadly, unbeknownst to us at the time, she was just packing things up to move to the United States. We made an effort to get her to stay with us, but it just didn't work out. So 15 long years later, here we are. It's a fortuitously long time, but we got there." It often happens that wrestlers find themselves fighting together even after years in large companies, compared to the indies that characterized their beginnings and it is nice to see, even for themselves, how far they have managed to go.

Who knows what we should expect from this confrontation. The RAW star is hopeful that after the Royal Rumble is over, WWE legends such as Lita and Beth Phoenix will stick around a little while longer. She mentioned how the current wrestling climate for women is "excellent" and how she hoped this setting would appeal to returning legends.

“I’m hoping this won’t be the last we see of these ladies because now is an excellent time to be a woman in wrestling. I know how it is, you speak to anyone who has retired, they come back and get a little taste for it again… I’m hoping all these legends come back for the Rumble and then they’re like ‘do you know what, I think I have a little left in me.’ That’s what I’m putting out in the universe," she said.