Bryan Danielson opens up on his wife

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Bryan Danielson opens up on his wife

One of the most famous couples that came to form in the pro-wrestling world of all, is undoubtedly the one formed by Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, who returned to be called Bryan Danielson after having landed in the All Elite Wrestling rings, after having expired their contract with the Stamford-based company.

After years of work in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, Daniel Bryan preferred to accept a new challenge in the rings of the All Elite of the Khan family, with his contribution on the television screens of Dynamite and Rampage which were fundamental to make the federation grow even more exponentially to be the no.

2 in the United States, also together with the contributions of the various CM Punk, Sting, Adam Cole, Andrade and all the other great faces who have landed on the AEW rings in recent years. If all this were not enough, during the next Royal Rumble, WWE's first annual Big Four, Daniel Bryan's wife Brie Bella will also return to the ring to fight with the girl who after a few years of retirement, in which Brie has put on family with Bryan, giving birth to two children, will return to fight in the match of 30 women together with his sister Nikki.

Bryan Danielson on his wife

After hearing the sensational names that will land on the Rumble rings, from Mickie James to the Bella Twins, passing through Michelle McCool and Lita, Bryan Danielson also wanted to have his say on his wife's return to action, after quite some time of inactivity, with the former WWE Champion saying to Muscle & Fitness magazine: "Mostly, I’m excited because Brie is excited, right? Whenever you love somebody, and they are doing something that makes them happy or makes them excited, you are excited and happy for them." Apparently, despite Bryan having been in the AEW rings for the past few months, it seems that his relationship with the WWE management remained both very cordial and very open, unlike several of Bryan's other colleagues, such as CM Punk.

In the event that the athlete wants to return to the WWE rings in the future, it is very likely that the McMahons will not miss this opportunity, calling Daniel Bryan loudly to their rings, but at the moment, that scenario is still quite far away.

Bray Wyatt holds a unique persona, which is why his AEW debut shouldn't be like every other ex-WWE Superstar arrival that shockingly showed up to interrupt someone in the main event. If we recall any of the recent arrivals, be it CM Punk or Bryan Danielson, it was possibly the worst kept secret among fans. But Tony Khan will have the opportunity to build on the anticipation and hype surrounding Wyatt's debut.

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