Effy Speaks About GCW’s Work Culture

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Effy Speaks About GCW’s Work Culture

Effy is a popular GCW wrestler and he recently appeared on Wrestling Inc. to speak about the GCW work culture. According to Effy, the people at GCW actually like partying, but they do have a company family kind of an environment.

“I always applaud everybody’s choice to get help, to admit things to themselves, to seek treatment. That GCW locker room gets a lot of rap,” he said.

Effy Speaks About The Locker Room Environment At GCW

“People say we party and people say we go all night, and some people do.

But the environment there has never been one of necessity or peer pressure, or anything along those lines. And, I know in the past two years we have dealt with a lot of crazy stuff that has happened outside in the world," he added.

“The sense of family, the sense of lookout, the sense of carefulness. I am not going into any details, but we had a situation recently where there was a fan threatening to do some pretty crazy stuff and we are immediately informing each other, we are immediately on the lookout for stuff.

This is a locker room that goes, ‘hey we want you to have fun. But if you’re fun night is going upstairs and watching dateline and chilling in the room, cool that’s great.’” He also hoped that all wrestling companies work the same way as GCW does as it would help the companies keep their members happy.

He also stated that having friends within the company is crucial. “I think the GCW locker room, I hope is the future of locker rooms,” Effy said. “Because, I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms where people don’t feel comfortable speaking up, people don’t feel comfortable talking, people don’t feel comfortable being themselves 100% and it makes for a less pleasurable day.

A very mean man, one of the most hated wrestlers in the world said to me, ‘the match is eight minutes, but we’ve got to be around each other for 12 hours,’ so when you have an environment where people are willing to talk and be your friend. But also, step in the right direction when you need to, it’s awesome”.