Michelle McCool promises to put on a show

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Michelle McCool promises to put on a show

Interviewed by Busted Open Radio, Michelle McCool, who will return to WWE on January 29, 2022, on the occasion of the Royal Rumble, where she will take part in the match that gives the event its name, spoke of a very funny and curious thing, namely the fact that her daughter often confuses her with Charlotte Flair.

"I would like to mix it up with Charlotte because whether or not she knows I kind of have a bone to pick with her because every time she’s on our TV, my little two-year-old goes mommy, mommy, and I’m like, that is not Mommy.

Mommy is right here. She plays a Queen. I am the Queen," said Michelle. Charlotte Flair will also be present in the women's Royal Rumble match despite being the current SmackDown champion, in fact, she announced her presence in the match, stating that when she wins it she will choose who to challenge in Wrestlemania, so it will be possible see the two interact in the ring.

Michelle had also posted on her Instagram account a photo of a 2021 show where she was at ringside watching and there was Charlotte Flair on stage, with the words: "Inside an arena, not so many months ago ... it's almost like if it were destiny!

TALKING REAL - I've always been a SmackDown girl! # royalrumble22."

Backstage News on Michelle McCool

Former WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool has opened up about her major issue with Charlotte Flair. In the same interview, the former Divas also talked about his training on the occasion of the event this Saturday: "You know, there is nothing better than a three-week fighting camp to get you back in the ring.

But you know also that there is no such thing as 'being prepared for the ring.' I mean, if you're not training in the ring. But I feel good. [...] Mark has been there by my side, working most of the time, but by my side encouraging me.

So I trained hard, I feel good physically and I feel good mentally. You know, hitting the ropes and hitting the mat is a completely different game." Layla made it clear that Michelle didn't get preferential treatment just because she was romantically involved with The Undertaker.

She added that the backstage reaction to the relationship at the time was indeed negative. She explained that people believed that McCool would get anything she wanted just because she was with The Undertaker. “Michelle and I got told no many times.

It wasn’t like we got what we wanted. It wasn’t like that. I can promise you that. I was there. I’m just going to be really honest about this. Michelle being married to Taker, or his girlfriend I think at the time, eventually, their marriage was a little bit after that, people were like, ‘Oh, she’s going to get whatever she wants.’ I was there to witness it. That was not the case. It had nothing to do with that."