Seth Rollins mentions Jon Moxley in WWE

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Seth Rollins mentions Jon Moxley in WWE

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Seth Rollins and the Universal champion of the blue show, the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, clashed once again to the sound of promos on the microphone, when the two former Shields talked about all the colors, with Rollins concluding his speech by saying that the Usos now rule Reigns' reign and career, as did he and Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) in the days of the Shield.

The thing that created a stir was not so much the fact of having named the former Ambrose, but the fact of having done so with his ring-name of the independent federations, as well as the current name with which he works in the All Elite rings.

Wrestling. Apparently, in addition to the fans, several insiders would have been incredulous and surprised by it, with WWE Universe fans immediately pouring online, thinking this could be the prelude to a return of Moxley in that of the Royal Rumble.

Seth Rollins appoints Jon Moxley

Apparently, according to what was reported by the well-known overseas site Ringside News, it seems that the Seth Rollins promo was 100% relevant to the script of the show, with all the top executives of the federation knowing exactly what it would have.

said the wrestler, with Rollins that he would not have come out even a minimum of what was agreed with them. Jon Moxley's name, therefore, had already been foreseen in the promo, with Rollins doing nothing of his own mind.

At this point, however, we don't know whose idea it was to enter the wrestler's current ring name and not the one he used in WWE. That said, the well-known overseas site also reports the fact that no AEW athlete is expected to make an appearance in the Royal Rumble, neither in the women's nor in the men's match, under the name of Jon Moxley who is therefore excluded like that of all the other colleagues, except for sensational surprises that WWE obviously wants to keep secret until the last second.

Earlier, Roman Reigns tweeted out the following, taking a shot at Seth Rollins for showing up on the blue brand thinking that he's affecting Reigns' Universe. "Little brother still shows up to my shows thinking he’s affecting my Universe.

There is only one. And it is me. 1 v 1. Anyone. Anytime. #BestToEverDoIt #GOAT #Smackdown #RoyalRumble" wrote Reigns in his tweet. Rollins has now replied to the same, taking a shot back at The Tribal Chief. He claimed that FOX executives asked him to come to SmackDown to inject some life into the show which Roman Reigns has drained over the last 500 days as the Universal Champion.