WWE reportedly has significant plans for the men's Royal Rumble

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WWE reportedly has significant plans for the men's Royal Rumble

At this time of the year, fans of the WWE Universe are in turmoil, in view of the first big Big Four event of the Stamford-based company, the Royal Rumble, which like every year goes to open the Road to Wrestlemania, one of the times of the year most beautiful and interesting of the calendar of the WWE, with which the most anticipated show of the whole calendar year is created, in the whole world of pro-wrestling: Wrestlemania.

After two pretty tough years for the show of shows, with the event two years ago being held totally behind closed doors and with last year's event being first postponed due to heavy rains and then also featuring a small number of fans who were able to take part in the event, with all the events before and after Wrestlemania which instead returned to being without an audience in the hall, at least until the summer, when WWE managed to remove its ThunderDome to return to having the arenas packed with fans.

Furthermore, in this particular time of the year, fans and insiders make the strangest and most unthinkable conjectures about who could surprise the list of 30 Superstars who will take part in the Royal Rumble, both male and female, with numerous names of former athletes who are regularly brought up.

The Royal Rumble is close

According to what was stated in the last newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, it seems that the WWE intends to offer a huge surprise in that of the Royal Rumble, going to bring back an athlete who has not fought for some time, making him make a surprise return to his rings.

The names that for the moment emerge on social networks and online are those of Paige and Corey Graves, with both athletes who have not fought in the company's rings for years, due to an injury that in theory should have ended their career.

In his latest Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez indeed stated: "While we still don't know if it's the men's rumble or the women's rumble, there will still be a big return to the Royal Rumble. Hmm. Who's coming back?" Obviously, for "return", the well-known Observer journalist talks about someone who hasn't fought assiduously for a long time and would thus return to the company's ring on a permanent basis and not just to have a one night only match on the company's square, such as the various Mickie James or Michelle McCool, but come back and stay there. We just have to wait until January 29 to find out.

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