Roderick Strong could be coming to the end of his WWE contract

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Roderick Strong could be coming to the end of his WWE contract

In recent months, WWE has lost several 90s, with numerous athletes who have asked for their contract to be terminated or who even earlier decided to wait for the expiration of their agreement with the McMahons, in order not to simply renew it.

Among the many who left WWE in this way were: Andrade, Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Daniel Bryan and many more, with all these mentioned names ultimately working in the All Elite Wrestling, like several other former WWE names, who are currently big reinforcements in the AEW.

As it turns out, another big name from NXT may be in the process of abandoning ship in recent weeks, with Roderick Strong already hinting abundantly that he is with one foot out of the company, especially after losing the Cruiserweight title to the winner.

of the unification match, the North American champion of NXT: Carmelo Hayes.

Backstage news on Roderick Strong

After reporting the news of the opening of a personal sales channel for their merchandising on the Pro Wrestling Tees portal, on which only the athletes of the independent athletes sell, further news emerges on Roderick Strong by NXT.

In the last few days, in fact, Roderick Strong and his wife Marina Shafir, also a former WWE wrestler recently released, would have put on sale a t-shirt with the name "The Strongs", without the addition of the wrestler's name.

that the will to get away from the WWE would be there, but everything is not yet official. In addition, we remind you that the athlete was wanted in WWE by Triple H, who has recently lost a lot of power within the backstage of the third roster, with numerous athletes and backstage employees (road agents and managers), affiliated with him, as they were fired by the McMahons.

Furthermore, the athlete, who's 38, seems to be at an age where the WWE will never build him as a big main eventer on the main roster. It, therefore, seems that all the clues are leading Roderick Strong out of the WWE rings, with the match he lost to Gunther (WALTER), seeming to be one of the last that he's played in his WWE stint.

Roderick Strong recently took on Joe Gacy in a match that saw him successfully defend his WWE Cruiserweight Championship at NXT WarGames. The match itself was neither here nor there, with both men putting on a heck of a fight.

There were a lot of shenanigans both in and out of the ring, with both Diamond Mine and Gacy's companion Harland. Most notably, there was a spot that saw Harland lift up Ivy Nile before putting her down upon Joe Gacy's frantic request.