Mark Henry will have to undergo surgery soon

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Mark Henry will have to undergo surgery soon

During the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry announced he will have shoulder surgery while Michelle McCool talked about the WWE women's division and the Royal Rumble. On his return to the ring, Mark Henry said: “I recently went back to the ring and trained.

At this moment, however, I still have pain. They advised me not to force my hand, to be careful and not to lose my head. But I don't know any other ways. I went back and took them. Now I'm full of ailments. I think now that I will have to operate on my shoulder."

Mark Henry reveals his physical condition

On AEW, Mark Henry said, “Tony Khan keeps giving the audience what he wants. When I talk about the public I mean the people in the stands but also all the fans of the AEW. The public receives many surprises as if it were their birthday, it is the gift of every Wednesday.

Several times a month it is as if there is a surprise in AEW”. Mark Henry also commented on Jon Moxley's return: “You know, I was very happy when I heard he is fine. It means that Jon Moxley is back to fight and that he's definitely finished rehab.

I am happy for him for all these reasons. I hope he has had the opportunity to clear his thoughts and understand his life better. I think we will see a different and much fitter Moxley from now on." During the podcast, Michelle McCool also talked about her return to the ring, revealing which athletes she would like to fight with: “There are several girls I have never fought with.

You know, the main names that everyone says, Becky, Charlotte. But I love Naomi every time she gets in the ring. She is so damn athletic, and so is Bianca Belair. I've never worked with them. So, I'm looking forward to this chance.

I would like to mix it up with Charlotte because whether or not she knows I kind of have a bone to pick with her because every time she’s on our TV, my little two-year-old goes mommy, mommy, and I’m like, that is not Mommy.

Mommy is right here. She plays a Queen. I am the Queen." On the latest Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry was asked about a rising star under the age of 25 that could become a big star in the future. The Hall of Famer stated that RAW star Austin Theory could have a bright future in WWE and pro-wrestling: "I was torn and I ended up with Austin Theory because he's doing something that very few wrestlers get to do, i.e.

play Robin to Batman, which is playing Robin to Vince McMahon. Austin (Stone Cold) did it, The Rock did it, Mankind did it, and you go down the list of guys that had serious interactions with Vince, those storylines with Vince: who did they become? The face of the company, 'The Guy.' "