Could Enzo Amore return to WWE?


Could Enzo Amore return to WWE?

In recent years, WWE has gone on to sack numerous talents, from various former world champions to secondary champions, all the way to important personalities who have never won anything in the company's rings. Among the most disparate names, there was also an important one in some situations, which had managed to emerge in a context on which the WWE has never bet too much: lightweights.

We are talking about Enzo Amore, who after holding the WWE Cruiserweight title, had managed to make the 205 Live show become important, only for a few weeks, with the weird athlete with colored hair and iconic catchphrases, which for he has long glued fans to the federation's televisions, ever since the days of NXT when he was still accompanied by Carmella and Big Cass.

Enzo's stint with the WWE, however, did not end in the best way, with the athlete who was badly kicked out by the federation, due to some whims that the athlete continued to bring on stage and backstage and also because of some allegations about abuse, which led him to be kicked out of the arena where the company's shows were staged.

What's next for Enzo Amore?

In his latest speech to the microphones of the Chris Featherstone show, the former writer of WWE, WCW and TNA, Vince Russo, a multifaceted personality of the world of pro-wrestling, loved and hated by professionals and fans of the WWE Universe, has wanted to have his say on the possible entry of Enzo Amore on the Rumble ring.

In his speech, Russo said in fact: "I'm always looking for big pops. Knowing WWE, I don't know if they would like to continue doing business with this individual. I would love to see him - and I think he would have a great pop - but I would love to see Enzo enter the Royal Rumble.

If they had to play his music, man, they'd go crazy. But I don't think WWE wants to touch this point." After leaving the McMahon-owned company in a daring and certainly not exemplary way, Enzo Amore would therefore be a very unlikely name to see in the Rumble rings, a bit like CM Punk, who left very few positive memories in the backstage of the Stamford-based company, especially in the minds of the top management of WWE.

When Amore made his debut on the main roster alongside his partner, Big Cass, it seemed like the duo was meant for big things. Since that time, things changed drastically for both of them. Due to the backstage heat he had with other stars, he was not in the good books of the management. His loud personality got on the nerves of those in charge backstage and thus his booking suffered.

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