Booker T comments on Rey Mysterio


Booker T comments on Rey Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio followed in his father Rey Mysterio's footsteps by becoming a WWE superstar. He made his debut at SummerSlam in 2020, when he found himself challenging a sacred monster of the caliber of Seth Rollins. Dominik has never faced Rey in an individual match, but has collaborated with him on several occasions.

The three-time world champion is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable wrestlers of the modern era. The 47-year-old from Chula Vista was the 14th performer in WWE history to achieve the Grand Slam and the 21st to complete the Triple Crown.

Prior to joining Vince McMahon's federation, Rey played in Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling. In the latest edition of his 'Hall of Fame' podcast, Booker T explored the possibility of Rey playing a match against his son at WrestleMania before retiring.

Booker T speaks about Rey Mysterio

“Rey Mysterio's career could end in a fabulous way. He has already had the chance to work with his son Dominik in WWE, a satisfaction he will never forget. I think Rey has to start thinking about how he wants to leave the scene” - explained Booker T.

“Mysterio is an absolute champion, but he won't be able to fight forever. There will come a time when he will want to hang up his boots. Rey wants his son to carry on his legacy. It wouldn't be a bad idea if they faced each other in a 1vs1 match at WrestleMania ”- added the two-time Hall of Famer.

Booker T praised WWE's move to include Lita in the women's Royal Rumble match: “A lot of people have complained that Lita will take the place of some young superstar on the launch pad. If I had to choose between an unripe athlete and Lita, I would undoubtedly opt for the latter.

The young star still has many years left to build her character and to earn a place at the Royal Rumble. Lita has little time and her impact will be formidable in this year's edition." In reality, Rey Mysterio himself wanted to leave and hadn't been on TV since 2014.

While he was taking a break to heal from a wrist injury, WWE reportedly extended his contract without discussion. By this point, the former World Champion was already underutilized. Bad creative decisions, wellness policy violation suspension, as well as a concussion made his last few years in WWE completely forgettable.

It was over three-and-a-half years later when Rey Mysterio returned to WWE, signing a three-year contract in the process. As mentioned, his primary objective during this second run wasn't to win championships but to help introduce his into the fray.

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