Brian Kendrick has reportedly requested his release

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Brian Kendrick has reportedly requested his release
Brian Kendrick has reportedly requested his release (Provided by Wrestling World)

On January 16 Mustafa Ali wrote on social media the following: "I have a much more important message than my pro wrestling dreams. Despite my best efforts, I will not be able to deliver this message as long as I am working with WWE.

For this, I ask. to be released by WWE." For now, however, according to Fightful Select, WWE does not want to let go of the superstar, who continues to post videos of his workouts on social media while fans are trending the hashtag #FreeAli on Twitter and he blocks the WWE on FOX profile.

because he doesn't behave well with his fans or post cryptic Joker photos. But it seems that the wrestler is not the only one in the McMahon company to want the release, in fact in the last few hours another name has also appeared, of a person who is now part of the WWE backstage.

WWE NXT and 205 Live Producer Brian Kendrick has reportedly requested his release from the company. These are the words reported by colleagues at PWInsider regarding a possible farewell of Brian Kendrick in WWE.

Backstage News on Brian Kendrick

“We can confirm that Brian Kendrick, who had recently worked as a producer on WWE NXT and 205 Live, requested a release from the company weeks ago and is not Been to no TV tapings in Orlando for some time.

We are told that Kendrick has been waiting for a release "at least" for six weeks," the report said. Brian Kendrick, 42, fought for WWE in October 2020 on the 205 Live brand. The WWE star and former ROH star was originally coached by Shawn Michaels.

Kendrick has had multiple runs with WWE, with this most recent kicking off with the Cruiserweight Classic tournament in 2016. So for now we just have to wait and see if the WWE will grant these two athletes the release, or will decide for some reason to keep them still, with Ali for example, who begins to make the fans suspicious on social networks, who almost think it is a storyline, so only time will give us a concrete answer.

On top of Brian Kendrick requesting his release, Mustafa Ali publicly requested his release from WWE back on January 16, a request that was later denied by the company a few days later. The WWE Universe has taken to Twitter with the #FreeAli social media campaign that has led to several fans being blocked by the WWE on FOX social media account in the process.

Whether this will eventually get WWE to change their mind and grant Mustafa Ali his release remains to be seen.

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