Lita has received other offers in the past few months

Lita's return to WWE was one of the most surprising events of this first month of 2022

by Simone Brugnoli
Lita has received other offers in the past few months

During an appearance on the Throwing Down with Renee Paquette & Miesha Tate podcast, Lita talked a bit about how she is preparing for her return to WWE, saying that before accepting participation in the Royal Rumble, there were other opportunities than her.

have been proposed in wrestling. "The pandemic has simplified everyone's priorities because that's just what you have on your plate. I feel like I've spent the first half of the pandemic eating too much junk and processed food and doing absolutely nothing, even if the pandemic ends, not.

you can kill yourself slowly by lying down and eating junk food. I had already started a training lifestyle, which is very different from GI Jane training, but I was starting to remember what it feels like: 'oh, it feels good to move your body.

It feels good to push yourself. 'It was a lot of small steps. There were some potential opportunities gravitating around me that I was like: 'maybe, maybe, maybe,' and then there was this thing [the Rumble] which was: 'Yes or no.

You want to do the Rumble on this date, are you in? 'I put myself under pressure and thought:' Yes, I'm in it. 'Now that I'm here, it's time to make the most of it." We remind you that the wrestler had received an offer from All Elite Wrestling for a possible feud with Britt Baker.

Latest update on Lita

WWE Hall of Famer DDP recently shared his thoughts on if Lita could win at the Women's Royal Rumble match at the upcoming titular event. Like everyone else, former WCW World Champion DDP is excited about the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

The mega show will feature two eponymous matches. Also during the interview, the Hall of Famer said she was training at Hoodslam and a trampoline park to make sure she performed her Litasault well, as she took a big risk in the 2018 Rumble.

"In most indie schools or many, we're working with what we have; low ceilings. You're not jumping off the top rope in there. Okay, that creates a problem. I'm not going to go wrong at Rumble again and do the Moonsault in front of a live audience for the first time, which is what I did on the first Royal Rumble.

It was scary for all of us, mostly me. It's scarier for me, but I understand that I scared you all. It was the first time I was up there and I said: 'Uhhh, is that something I should do?' I had never felt this way. Usually, it's: 'cool, this is leaving your mark,' at that point I was like, 'Oh, this could be really bad.'