Raw: Brock Lesnar continues to provoke

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Raw: Brock Lesnar continues to provoke
Raw: Brock Lesnar continues to provoke (Provided by Wrestling World)

Waiting for the big event, the red show at the Huntington Center in Toledo will feature a power contest between Bobby Lashley and WWE champion Brock Lesnar, Maryse's birthday and the Academic Challenge between Alpha Academic and RK-Bro.

The evening begins immediately with the entry of BOBBY LASHLEY and MVP, while in the ring we find ADAM PEARCE and some referees/managers. Soon after, PAUL HEYMAN introduces the WWE CHAMPION BROCK LESNAR and off to the heavyweight contest!

The Allmighty is the first to start and scores 273 pounds, with MVP making fun of everyone and claiming that his client will become champion at the Royal Rumble.

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley opened WWE RAW

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley opened WWE RAW this week with a weigh-in.

After a good interaction last week, WWE looked to make things more interesting before their title match on Saturday. Lashley was up first, and he was announced at 273 pounds. Lesnar did not seem interested in the segment and wore jeans, cowboy boots, and a hat, weighing 286 pounds.

Meanwhile, it is the turn of the Beast, who weighs 286 pounds and looks amused. Lashley doesn't take Lesnar's arrogance well, but Lesnar laughs in his face when Bobby proclaims himself the winner in Saturday night's match. Soon after, Brock, dressed as Woody from Toy Story (more or less), picks it up and walks away smiling ...

But what a waste this segment was !!! ??? -Bianca Belair Vs Women’s Tag Team Champion Zelina Vega Muneca tries to make the EST surrender with a submission hold, but Bianca breaks free with some difficulty. La Vega seems to be able to close with its SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB ...

BUT IT IS TAKEN IN FLIGHT BY BIANCA AND ... KOD TO SIGN FOR THE WINNING 1, 2 AND 3 !!! Backstage KEVIN OWENS is interviewed (with difficulty), who reiterates that he did not fake the injury seven days ago and that he deserved the opportunity with Damian Priest!

Back when Lesnar was younger and left the WWE because he didn’t want to be on the road, it was Heyman who supported ‘The Beast‘ in the decision. Not only this, when Lesnar signed with the UFC, Heyman promoted the fights and press coverage with his own website, Heyman Hustle, and he provided exclusive coverage of the former UFC champion.

The former ECW owner is also the co-author of Brock Lesnar’s book entitled “Death Clutch”. Now, this indicates the friendship the two of them share away from the public eye.

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