Raw: Rhea Ripley is a contender for the throne

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Raw: Rhea Ripley is a contender for the throne

United States Championship: United States Champion Damian Priest Vs Kevin Owens KO is close to victory after a nice Frog Splash, while the Archer avoids the POP-UP POWERBOMB AND SCORES WITH A FOOTBALL ... 1 ... 2 ... ONLY 2 !!!

Priest starts to get annoyed and attacks Owens on the apron, but the Canadian has the upper hand and touches the pin after a Rollup! Aside from the RAW Women's Championship feud, there are two other women's programs that are very interesting indeed on the red brand.

The first is the one between Maryse and Beth Phoenix, and the other between Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. Rhea Ripley was showcased as a true force of nature on this week's show, as she dominated the competition.

Rhea Ripley was showcased as a true force of nature

She is sure to have a great showing at the Royal Rumble, and if she goes on to win the whole thing, do not be surprised!

At this point, the good Damian loses his head and violently attacks Kevin! The referee warned him several times until he too was hit in the corner and ... TAKE DISQUALIFICATION !!! While Damian Priest goes black pissed off, Kevin Owens licks his wounds on the outside of the ring!

And on these images the first part of RAW ends! Rhea Ripley stood in the center of the ring, and for a moment, it seemed like she was announcing her departure from NXT. There have been several rumours of Rhea being drafted to Raw, and her main roster debut is coming soon.

However, Rhea had a different plan. “Everyone’s speculating about what’s next for Rhea Ripley, and you guys have a reason for that. The hug after the match with Io Shirai. But I just wanna explain something to you guys real quickly.

That hug was nothing but respect for Io Shirai. It wasn’t any kind of sending-off party, I am here, and I’m here to stay,” said Ripley emphatically. “And I’m focused on one thing, and that’s the NXT Women’s Championship and I will not stop…”.

she continued until she got cut off by Candice Le Rae and Toni Storm. Candice cited that Io cheated to beat her twice, but was able to put away Ripley cleanly. “The biggest difference between us, is that you talk the talk, but you can’t seem to back it up.

I on the other hand, can talk the talk and walk the walk”. The likeliest scenario after that segment is the War Games match between Shotzi Blackheart and Candice Le Rae. Shotzi will form a team with the faces, Ripley, Ember Moon and Io Shirai.