Randy Orton talks about his recent difficult months


Randy Orton talks about his recent difficult months

One of the most important characters of this pandemic for Monday Night Raw, the main WWE show that has been airing every Monday night for decades now, was undoubtedly Randy Orton, multiple world champion of the federation, who also held the position of Red Show Tag Team Champion, alongside Matt Riddle.

During this summer, however, we saw Orton go away for a few weeks, although someone did not pay much attention to it, with the athlete who in his latest interviews wanted to tell the reason for this absence, or that Orton was also affected by the perfidious virus of the pandemic, the covid-19, with Randy who had to stay at home longer than expected, due to some not very rare aftermath that the disease often leaves to those who suffer it.

Randy Orton is a wrestling legend

In his latest interview with the microphones of The Ringer Wrestling Show, Randy Orton wanted to tell after months: "In June, I got COVID. I was missing from TV for a good seven weeks because I had inflammation in my blood that we were also quite worried about...

I also lost 9 kg during the covid. I've been really bad. I was perpetually cold and became very thin, almost skeletal. But I got to recover. One way or another, I had to recover. I eliminated the alcohol. I cut out the sugars. I started working harder in the gym.

I started seeing a new physical therapist for some problems with my shoulder and back because we started working on these injuries. And here we are after six months and I think I feel the best I've ever felt physically in as long as I can remember, to be honest with you." Randy Orton also drew examples from his feud with former WWE superstar Bray Wyatt to assert his point about "rolling with the punches." The Viper now wants to make the best of everything that is handed to him as part of his booking on WWE RAW.

We recently saw Chad Gable propose an "Academic Challenge," hoping to derail RK-Bro's title hunt on RAW. However, his plan backfired when his team lost the Spelling Bee contest and allowed Orton and Riddle to gain the advantage.

We also saw Randy Orton and Chad Gable lock horns in a singles match that ended with The Viper emerging victoriously. The aforementioned Academic Challenge is expected to include a series of events planned over the coming weeks.

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