WWE made several changes in the latest episode of Raw


WWE made several changes in the latest episode of Raw

In recent months, WWE has been forced to make numerous changes to its shows, mainly due to the various infections from Covid-19, which have caused numerous athletes who tested positive for the world pandemic virus to be absent, but also for other problems of construction of the own storylines.

One of the biggest problems, recently backstage at WWE, was when on Day One, the company's Universal Champion had to go away, with Roman Reigns staying home for his positivity, forcing WWE management to move. Brock Lesnar in the title match valid for the WWE Championship, leading The Beast Incarnate to win his umpteenth laurel with the WWE, upset for the moment all the plans of the federation regarding this storyline.

Initially, in fact, Seth Rollins was supposed to be exiting the PPV with that title at his side, but in the end, WWE changed its mind, preferring Lesnar. At the moment, however, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have opened a feud that will lead them to clash in that of the Royal Rumble, with the former Shield Architect who could thus arrive in Wrestlemania as a Universal Champion and not a WWE Champion.

Raw kicked off with the weigh-in for the WWE Championship match and Brock Lesnar showed up wearing a bunch of heavy clothing and a big belt buckle. Bobby Lashley came in at 273 lbs while Brock counted 286 lbs on the scale, with the belt buckle and all.

Apparently, not only the company's PPVs are said to be subject to last-second changes, but also and especially the company's weekly shows, including the flagship show, Monday Night Raw.

WWE has changed some segments of Raw

In the last episode, we have in fact witnessed a curtain by Seth Rollins, who is now treading both the rings of the red show, to which he was assigned thanks to the Draft and those of the blue show, due to the open feud with Roman Reigns.

In the last episode of Raw, however, some segments should have been staged that we have not seen, with the well-known Fightful Select which in fact reported: "Seth Rollins was expected to be at the commentary table for a match on the show at some point, but that ended up not happening.

In addition, there were plans to announce the Rumble numbers live, which instead appeared on social media." Like every week, therefore, every show of the McMahon-owned company remains subject to change even in the last second, with the Stamford federation that continues its race towards Wrestlemania, always with a thousand ideas to be able to field.