Latest news on Mustafa Ali's current status

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Latest news on Mustafa Ali's current status

In the past few days, a major name on the Friday Night Smackdown roster has been associated with a possible release of the company. Unlike the many released in recent weeks and months, in this case, the boy in question would have chosen to leave the WWE voluntarily, with the company that has not authorized this release, not going to split the existing contract with the 'athlete.

During the last few weeks, in fact, Mustafa Ali had clamored to be released from the Stamford-based company, with his malaise that had become evident in the last period, so much so that he also released a statement on his social networks, with which the the athlete communicated to everyone, insiders and fans of the WWE Universe, how he had made this request to the company.

For the moment, from the McMahon-owned company, no kind of thought has emerged about the thing, the only clue we have is what WWE has denied such a release, for the moment.

New details on Mustafa Ali

In his latest speech to the microphones of his Hall of Fame Podcast, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, wanted to talk about the situation in which Mustafa Ali has fallen in the last period, going to defend the choice of the WWE not to grant for the moment the release to the athlete.

In his speech, Booker T affirmed: "Maybe it was a good thing for Mustafa. I know sometimes when you talk, you exaggerate a little and you might say too much, anything, you know what I mean? Maybe over time, the situation becomes a little less hot, maybe you calm down and maybe you think about it with more knowledge of the facts.

Maybe even with a real conversation, because sometimes you can get a lot of respect by understanding what is in your head." According to the WWE Hall of Famer, therefore, a nice one-on-one chat between Mustafa Ali and the WWE management, would be the best thing for the athlete, who could thus assert his point of view, without attracting further heat from the fans or the company.

WWE has cited the reasoning of "budget cuts" for releasing over 100 talents over the last two years. So why isn't Mustafa Ali getting his release? According to SRS, WWE sees "value" in Ali but wasn't given any specifics as to what that means.

Ali hasn't appeared on WWE SmackDown in over two months now after having a heated backstage discussion with Vince McMahon over a disagreement regarding the direction of his character.