Dana Brooke is having the best time of her career

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Dana Brooke is having the best time of her career

WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke talked about her titled reign and what that title means to her, with PWInsider's Mike Johnson. Dana won the 24/7 title on the November 22nd edition of Raw against Cedric Alexander and she currently has the second-longest titled reign behind Reginald's 112 days.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo hopes Mandy Rose’s move from RAW to NXT does not result in Dana Brooke receiving her release. Rose and Brooke worked as tag team partners on RAW between September 2020 and June 2021.

Dana Brooke is on the rise

Earlier this month, the tag team separated after Rose surprisingly returned to NXT in a non-wrestling role.

On the meaning of the title for her: “Honestly it's everything to me. Being a 24/7 champion, she defined me as a person because I love to self-assert myself as a winner. Before having this title, even when I was a gymnastics girl, at 18 I said to myself and looked in the mirror: 'I am a champion, I am a champion and I will be a champion.'

I said this constantly and felt like I had reached my limit in my WWE career, I had never achieved anything special but when I won that title, I have now taken a big leap forward in my career. I am a woman, I want to raise this title and show that anything a woman comes up with is possible.

There was an opportunity out there and I took advantage of it”. Dana Brooke talked about what people can want from her realm as a 24/7 champion: “I want every single little girl out there to tell herself that she's a champion.

I want to represent every single woman out there that she feels like she has reached her limit and she wants to make a change. I want to tell them that anything is possible. All you have to do is step out there and take advantage of the opportunity that comes your way.

I hold this title with pride and hope to keep it for many, many months if not years. Maybe together with another title, the female couple titles, or that of Raw or SmackDown. I would really like that very much. So, this title is a great start for me.

I hope to be the best 24/7 champion there is." Using Gallows and Anderson as examples, Vince Russo believes people released by WWE can still go on to succeed elsewhere. “Gallows and Anderson had me on their show not too long ago,” Russo added.

“These guys were having a blast and having a ball. In talking to them I could tell that’s not how it was at the WWE. So, even though it might be very difficult for you at the beginning, once you see that the sports entertainment field that you loved can be fun again, that can be very refreshing”.