WWE has made a decision on Veer Mahaan

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WWE has made a decision on Veer Mahaan

In recent weeks, WWE Universe fans have often wondered what happened to the Indian talent on the main roster, Veer Mahaan, already seen alongside Jinder Mahal and Shanky in his latest stint on the McMahon company's TV screens.

In recent weeks, in fact, WWE has wanted to give its fans dozens and dozens of video packages, with which it announced that the wrestler would soon be back on the Monday Night Raw TV screens, after a few months of absence, with the wrestler who will take part in singles action, and not under the name of Rinku, but with the name of Veer Mahaan.

WWE has no plans to use Veer Mahaan

In fact, many of the fans of the WWE Universe and the insiders wondered if the WWE was waiting for the arrival of its Royal Rumble to be able to stage the return of Veer Mahaan, with the fighter who would thus be able to return together with many other very important returns in the real 30 man brawl, but from the latest news that surfaced online, it seems that this is not quite the case.

In the last few hours, thanks to the PW Insider website, we come to know that: "After speaking to several sources inside the WWE creative team, we are told that as of today, there are zero plans to see Veer in the Royal Rumble.

Barring any last-second changes, he wasn't even remotely considered to take part in the show's plans, much less as an entry into the Rumble match." Apparently, it is not known for the moment, for when the WWE has planned this great comeback, maybe right after the Rumble, so as to keep some surprises even for after the ppv.

We just have to wait, to understand how WWE will use his Indian talent. While Veer Mahaan never made it to the Majors, he still did something that many thought was impossible. He and Patel also opened the door for younger Indian athletes who may share the same dream he once had.

After leaving baseball, he changed his focus to pro wrestling. Mahaan signed a deal with WWE in early 2018 and was immediately assigned to the Performance Center.