AJ Styles reveals his dream match

AJ Styles is one of the biggest superstars in WWE right now

by Simone Brugnoli
AJ Styles reveals his dream match

Two of the biggest talents WWE currently has on its main roster are the company's Canadian WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, winner of almost every title in the federation's history, and the company's Phenomenal One: AJ Styles. Unfortunately, between the two former WWE Champions, there has never been any great match or any great feud, with fans who would love to see the two work together in the McMahon family's rings, but since Edge has returned to the company's rings a working, in his sensational return to that of the Royal Rumble of 2020, there has never been an opportunity to see a Styles vs Edge, if not in the small context of the Rumble of that year.

Apparently, in addition to being a great dream match for fans, the dispute between the Canadian and the former TNA, would also be tempting to Styles himself, with the Phenomenal One who has talked at length about the possibility of being able to clash against the Rated R Superstar in his latest single interview.

AJ Styles reveals his main goal

AJ Styles and Michelle McCool were guests on this week's WWE's The Bump. When talking about the Women's Royal Rumble match, The Phenomenal One stated that he'd love it if Michelle won the match and challenged The Queen at the Grandest Stage.

"I honestly hope Michelle wins the whole thing [Royal Rumble]. I would love to see her and Charlotte at WrestleMania. 100% I would love to see it. Two women who will get after it. Obviously, we've seen Michelle's attitude hasn't changed when she steps into the ring.

I know Charlotte is very competitive, so I would love to see this match happen," Styles said. In his last speech made to the microphones of WWE The Bump, the former WWE Champion also seen in the NXT rings in recent weeks, wanted to test the ground for a possible future match/feud with the Canadian, saying: "Absolutely, I think the last time Edge and I were in the ring together he split my shoulder with a Spear.

Which, you know, was exactly how it was meant to be. But we need to get back into the ring with a one-on-one match and that's how it has to go. I want this match. He wants this match. When will it happen? We are approaching". Apparently, before retiring definitively this time, Edge would already have a clear challenge ahead, in his near future, with the next opponent after The Miz and then after the Royal Rumble, which could be Phenomenal One, with a match of sign for Wrestlemania that would be absolutely thrilling for any WWE Universe fan.

After seeing him as the protagonist of the last match of The Undertaker, at Wrestlemania in the Boneyard match, AJ Styles could also be the architect of one of the last matches of Edge's career, which for the moment we do not know how much he will succeed or want fighting again in the McMahon family rings.

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