Trish Stratus remains vague about her possible return

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Trish Stratus remains vague about her possible return
Trish Stratus remains vague about her possible return

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus has decided to grant an interview to the Bella Twins in their The Bellas Podcast and for the occasion, they obviously talked about the Royal Rumble 2022, with the twins who have been announced among the participants of this edition.

But among all the legends that return, will there also be Trish Stratus? Here is her answer: "Well, I'll tell you this. I'm shooting Canada's Got Talent semifinals, they wrap up at some point. But I'm like, I'm going to be in that mental space, so that's kind of my focus at the moment.

You know, that's what I have to do. I have to be, like, inside."

What's next for Trish Stratus?

The Canadian obviously noted that WWE has announced several Royal Rumble entrants, including an old acquaintance of hers, IMPACT champion Mickie James.

"I mean, I understand that," Trish Stratus said. "You want to sell the event, right? So it's exciting to talk about who's going to be there and stuff. I mean honestly Mickie James returning I thought it was cool. But I think it should have been a big surprise because no one would.

waited." Who will win the Rumble according to Trish Stratus? Obviously the legend could only choose her historical friend and enemy, but best friend in real life, also a great surprise of this Royal Rumble, Lita. "I would say, I mean, Lita.

Amy [Lita's real name] looked really good. Was she on Raw or Smackdown the other day. Was she Raw the other day? She's training like crazy, I know. I know that. she trained in the ring. So I don't know, maybe she has another chance." So for now it is not clear if Trish Stratus will also take part in this Royal Rumble as she did with the first female in 2018 by being eliminated by Sasha Banks, but perhaps we can hope a little.

Trish Stratus is widely regarded as the greatest female wrestler of all time in WWE. So the prospect of her wrestling one more time in the company is an exciting one. Although she has announced that she will be returning for just one night, an in-ring return cannot be ruled out.

Sasha Banks recently took multiple shots at Stratus, challenging her for a match. The Hall of Famer even responded to rumors of a potential dream match between the two, which could be an indication that they might face each other in a highly-anticipated bout.

"People sort of fantasize about that match because we had a little face-to-face at the Women's Royal Rumble. That is appealing to me," Trish Stratus said.

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