Beth Phoenix is looking forward to returning to the ring


Beth Phoenix is looking forward to returning to the ring

In a recent interview with News18, Beth Phoenix, who is currently involved in a storyline with her husband Edge against another historic WWE couple, The Miz and Maryse, spoke of her excitement as the Royal Rumble match approaches.

"Once in a lifetime I have the opportunity to be in tag with my husband, and steal his entrance music for the night and perform together and fulfill a lot of our dreams together, many of the table talks that took place over the course.

of years. It's my favorite pay-per-view, favorite event and being there with my whole family and performing will be great." In fact for the two it will be the first time in the ring together, they have never paired up in WWE challenging someone else, but their love and their passion for each other and for discipline, are clear in the eyes of fans that they do not look forward to attending the match, not so much for the storyline, but for this unprecedented couple in the ring.

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Also during the same interview, The Glamazon wanted to spend a few words on the second run that her husband is having in WWE after all the health problems he had to face. "So, Adam [Edge] always inspired me, long before this run with WWE.

He did hundreds of auditions, went to Los Angeles for pilot seasons. I think the only thing to remember here is the career of Adam in wrestling, everything he's ever wanted to do since he was little, has been ripped off. He did not choose to leave.

He had this thing that he had earned that was taken from him and so he had to adapt. He didn't let it distract him, he didn't let himself be sucked into a downward spiral; he was in pain and he dealt with it and then channeled that energy in a positive way." Beth Phoenix has opened up on the difficulties surrounding her commentating on NXT live shows remotely.

"First of all, it took a team of people. From the tech side, production, the other broadcasters. Not to mention everybody bending over backwards to keep me and my family safe. My mom has some extreme heart issues. So me being able to work remotely truly kept my family safe, and Adam had just gotten hurt, so he was rehabbing.

It was just a really difficult time, as it was for everybody, for my family over the summer and into the fall. So for WWE to give me the opportunity to work remotely, I am so grateful for that."

Beth Phoenix