Bobby Lashley reveals how long he will keep fighting

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Bobby Lashley reveals how long he will keep fighting

Bobby Lashley had the best moment of his entire career last year, taking the WWE title for the first time ever. 'The All Mighty' will meet Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, the highly anticipated pay-per-view which will be staged on Saturday 29 January.

In addition to the aforementioned WWE Championship, the 45-year-old from Junction City has held the ECW World Championship twice, the Intercontinental Championship twice, and the US title twice. Between 2008 and 2016 Bobby also fought in mixed martial arts, winning the Shark Fights heavyweight title in 2011.

Appearing in the latest edition of 'The Ringer Wrestling' podcast, Lashley hinted that he could continue fighting for another five years.

Bobby Lashley doesn't want to stop

"I think I will have no problem figuring out when the time will be right to say enough, but that day is not that close yet" - confided Bobby Lashley.

“I feel good enough that I can hope to continue performing until I'm 50. If my body continues to support me in this way, there is no reason why I should stop soon. If I no longer be able to handle certain rhythms or my appearance is affected by the weight of age, I will take note and step aside.

I am 100% at this stage and I believe I can compete with any member of the current roster” - he added. In the opinion of Vince Russo, former WWE and WCW writer, it would be a big mistake to get Lashley to win at the Royal Rumble.

“I can't imagine a Bobby Lashley win over Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. For me, it would be a big mistake. I have nothing personal against Bobby, mind you, but I wouldn't think that a credible outcome in the eyes of the people.

You can't cancel Lashley's parable in the last few months, he would mean making fun of the fans. Lesnar has all the credentials to beat his rival, perhaps without humiliating him” - he explained to Sportskeeda microphones.

In a recent interview with BT Sport, Lashley stated that Drew McIntyre has impressed him with his developing character and appearance. “Drew has really impressed me, all the way across the board. Just developing into a character, his look, (...) I think he is figuring out a lot of things and the things he has figured out has made him a Superstar,'' said Lashley.

''I think he is one of the guys that are gonna transcend the wrestling business and be bigger than anything.' '