WWE imposes bans on its NXT reporters

NXT 2.0 continues to evolve in front of our eyes, with several interesting developments this week

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE imposes bans on its NXT reporters

In the recent history of WWE, but also in the past, we have seen several names, maneuvers, catchphrases or moves being literally banned, with the most disparate arguments and motivations that led the leadership of the federation to make these decisions.

For quite some time, we have in fact seen Seth Rollins not resorting to his Curb Stomp, at a time when the move was frowned upon by the public and some investors of the company, with Vince McMahon vetoing the move, for then cleared customs only a few years ago.

A similar situation also happened with Matt Riddle, who for months was simply called Riddle by the reporters of the company, due to the accusations in which the former NXT athlete, accused of rape by an ex-girlfriend of his, had fallen, with the WWE who thus wanted to distance the wrestler as much as possible from his real name, eliminating a piece.

Apparently, in the last few hours, a new ban's emerged that WWE seems to have staged in that of NXT, with reporters of the show being warned about what they can say and what not in front of the cameras of the third show of the federation.

WWE is controlling NXT

According to what Dave Meltzer revealed in its latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it appears that WWE has literally banned its NXT reporters from speaking freely about the real kinship of the athletes on the roster, with two above all: Bron Breakker and Solo Sikoa, who according to the management they are not related to anyone, according to the storyline of the company.

In his speech, Meltzer in fact stated: "The fans were animated throughout the show, but they kept chanting 'Uso! Uso! Uso!' towards him (Ed only), which is something else like this, since announcers are not allowed ... I mean, this is very strange.

Bron Breakker ... and even he, who is Bron Breakker, was Escobar, I should check. It is as if no one knows who the father is and who the uncle is. Even if everyone knows! This is crazy. And then there's Solo Sikoa, you know, who is brother of the Usos, of Jimmy and Jey.

And the fans chanted 'Uso!' towards him. And the announcers ... not to blame or blame them, they weren't allowed to say anything, but why wasn't they given this permission? This is so strange."