Finn Balor analyzes his path in WWE


Finn Balor analyzes his path in WWE

In recent years, we've seen former Monday Night Raw Universal Champion Finn Balor fill multiple roles in front of WWE cameras, with the former Prince Devitt becoming multiple WWE TV Champion, having held the title. Universal, NXT or Intercontinental.

After a long and fruitful stint at NXT, Balor had in fact been sent to the main roster, where he had begun to have great feuds with other colleagues, until, however, in recent months, the leadership of the federation had thought of sending him back once again to the his third brand, with Balor having once again managed to win the overall title of NXT, keeping it for several weeks.

But why did WWE bring one of the most famous faces from its main roster back to NXT for several months? To answer this question, Finn himself thought about it in his last interview, in which he wanted to mention all the WWE backstage policies that prompted him to return to the third roster of the federation.

Finn Balor and WWE internal politics

Interviewed by the microphones of Mark Andrew's My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, Finn Balor spoke at length about the last few years of his WWE career, saying: "I think the best is yet to come.

I feel like, I went through a stalemate in a part of my career where - I was very tired, I was literally exhausted. I was worried a little bit about the backstage and office policies and their decisions, about the writers and everything else that comes along with them, until I had enough and when I went back to NXT, I felt like rejuvenated, as if it rejuvenated me even in the ring and I must say that it helped me a lot to fight the negative effects of the global pandemic".

Despite his return to the main roster rings, at the moment for Finn Balor, there do not seem to be any major plans on the horizon, with the athlete losing Chairman Vince McMahon's fervor towards him, who would now consider him only an excellent wrestler to grow the new generation of the company and not a purebred horse to bet on.

The reigning WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor supports London-based Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. While Spurs are one of the top teams in England, they struggle with the silverware. Nonetheless, Balor is loyal in his support of Tottenham.

The English side is currently managed by Jose Mourinho, widely regarded as The Special One. They had an impressive start to the current season, but their campaign was derailed following shocking losses.

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