New details on Kurt Angle's future

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New details on Kurt Angle's future

In the last few hours, the most disparate names have alternated to be compared to the WWE Royal Rumble, with Shane McMahon, Ronda Rousey and Bad Bunny, who apparently should take part in the real male and female fights of the company, as surprise entrances for the WWE.

Like every year, arrived at this time of year, the most disparate names come out that WWE Universe fans or various insiders associate with the Big Four of the company, especially the real male or female brawl, as there there are always several big surprises that McMahons send on stage with such an event.

Apparently, this year The Undertaker should also be present backstage, with the legendary gravedigger who in addition to accompanying his wife, Michelle McCool, who will be included in the female Rumble, should also record some content for the company and its Network.

Kurt Angle has gone on record saying he believes he had a "better career" in TNA than he did in WWE. According to what was revealed in the last few hours by the well-known site Fightful Select, even the Hall of Famer Kurt Angle should somehow take part in the event tomorrow night, with journalists who in their podcast reported: "Kurt Angle is slated to be in St Louis, the home of the Royal Rumble.

We haven't heard anything about further details regarding the plans for Angle. In addition to the Royal Rumble, WWE has several community events scheduled, interview events and content to be recorded in St Louis, which may await Kurt Angle as one of the participants in the shoot."

Backstage News on Kurt Angle

Having now retired from official wrestling, Kurt Angle is very unlikely to take part in the Stamford-based company's Royal Rumble, but with the WWE and him being a legend, you can never say never.

Shawn Michaels was also officially retired and then returned to have a match in Saudi Arabia with historical colleagues Triple H, The Undertaker and Kane. We just have to wait for tomorrow night's event to understand what WWE will want to stage with its Hall of Famer.

However, Kurt Angle didn't skip the details regarding the toll his time in TNA took on his body. Angle is recognised as having upped his in-ring game significantly during his time with TNA. “I [took] it up a notch, started doing crazier stuff, you know, dives off the stage and moonsaults off the top rope, and I took a lot of chances,” said Angle.

“I beat my body up pretty badly. I didn’t start slowing down until about 2014-15, [that’s] when I started containing myself and doing safer moves, being really safe and basic, more basic is what I did”.